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Did You Know Effetre / Moretti Makes Sheet Glass?

Frantz Art Glass & Supply carries a large selection of 104 C.O.E. sheet glass. This glass is made from the same glass as the rods created by Effetre / Moretti.  To me this is a huge area of possibilities for letting your creative energies run wild. When I started using Effetre glass rods 27 years ago, the company was still call Moretti and they had never made sheet glass at their factory because there was no interest in artist sheet glass in Italy.  This fact didn’t stop me from laying a bunch of rods together and fusing them into a
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Specialty Italian Murrini

There are several levels and techniques for making glass murrini cane and I am going to talk a little about the best contemporary Italian murrini maker.  It is generally agreed that Mario Dei Rossi is one of the best Specialty Italian Murrini maker’s.  Contemporary glass artists from the past centuries have worked with Murrini, however none has achieved Dei Rossi’s excellence in realism.  By the time Dei Rossi reached the age of 24, he had become a glass master, and had been working with glass for a decade.  De Rossi started making murrini when he retired from glass furnace work. I met
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Categories: 104 COE Glass Review, Flameworking 104 Glass, and Lampworking.