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Tips and Techniques: Keeping Opal Glass Translucent

I have heard some talk on the beadmakers grapevine about problems keeping some of the beautiful opal colors that are available through CiM/Messy Color translucent and I decided to run some tests to see if I could find a resolution to this problem.  If you don’t already know, to call a glass color “opal”, means that the glass has a translucent quality rather than being transparent or opaque. I tested nine (9) of the opal colors from the CiM/Messy Color palette and got some interesting results. I tested Rose Quartz – 511907, Crocus – 511660, Chalcedony –511550, Ghee – 511346,
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Tips and Techniques: Solution to Some Cracking Problems

The solution is so simple that it made me laugh and it really works! When you are having cracks that run down the length of the encased bead from hole to hole which usually cracks it in half, this is the way to solve the problem. Make a core of clear glass in the center of your bead. Clear is the one color (or non-color) in the glass palette that is the most molecularly neutral. If you make the core of your bead out of clear, you are creating a buffer to the expansion and contraction of the glass against the metal mandrel.
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