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Bead Photography Tip: All white background tip

I like shooting  beads on a white background. It provides a uniformed look with other photos, background colors don’t interfere and it allows me to easily isolate the the bead in Photoshop for compositions like ads or banners. But one problem I come across from time to time is losing the details in the edge of the  bead. This usually happens because the bead itself is pale and it looks like the  white is swallowing the bead. After some experimenting I came across a simple solution.  I place  a large piece of black cardboard behind it out or frame. By
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Photography tip for shooting clear dichroic

After photographing  some Dichroic Scraps and I discovered something I wanted to share. The Dichroic Scraps will be on sale in the Fun House so they needed some photos. The scarps were of dichroic on clear. I had a problem was when I was photographing them on white I was loosing all detail. So what I did was place a black piece of foam-core out of frame to see if I could get a little contrast and something really cool happened. The color on the Dichroic Scraps jumps out.   Here is what append when I placed a black piece
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Photoshop tips to prep your bead photos for the web

In this video I’ll show you how to adjust and prep your bead for the web.   I’ll be using Photoshop CS2. The 4 steps I show are: Levels (To adjust contrast) Hue/Saturation (To adjust the color tone) Cloning (To remove unwanted items) Cropping for web When watching it I recommend making it full screen and “HD”. Thanks and have a great day, Keith
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