An Introduction to the Frantz Art Glass Artist’s Points Program:

The Artist Points Program is a rewards program that gives Retail customers and Teachers three “Artist Points” for every dollar they spend on . Customers do not receive points for phone-in or showroom purchases, however, if they order on the site and walk in to pick up their order, they will still get Artist Points.

  • Points are redeemed at a one to one ratio. So, 100 points = $1.00 credit.Customers must have 500 points before they can start redeeming them. This would give one a $5.00 credit on your next order. Customers can only use points that are “earned”, rather than “pending”.
  • At the program start all customers will receive 200 points ($2.00). Similarly, any new accounts automatically receive 200 points to get them started on the program.
  • Note – Pending vs. Earned points . Earned points are given after an order has shipped. Pending points are points for items in the shopping cart and for orders that have not been shipped. Earned points could be very different from Pending points, depending on whether items are in stock and whether an order actually ships.
  • Points are earned on the price of items in a cart only. This does not include tax or shipping. However, customers can redeem points on the cost of items, tax or shipping.
  • The online interface for the program is simple. Customers must log in to even see the program . Once one has logged in, you will see two new “sideboxes” in the online interface. The first is a shopping cart with Artist Points sidebox that will be visible if you have anything in your cart, and the second is a summary box of the points you have earned or have pending.
  • Please note: When you place your order on our website you will receive points. But as the order is fulfilled several things can happen; such as the item you ordered is on back order. Or perhaps when we call you regarding shipping and payment information you might decide to add more items.
  • Once your order is fulfilled and is shipped to you, our staff reviews the value of what we shipped against the web order and adjusts (either adds points or subtracts points) to the actual shipped amounts.
  • You might notice that the points have changed on your web account. As you can see this may happen so we wanted to explain why. The web order is a “wish list” of sorts – the actual shipped invoice is what we are basing your points on. Just a fyi J
  • When a customer decides to check out, you will see some new information in the shopping cart. You will see “Artist Points pending on this order” with a number that will indicate your points that may be earned.
  • If the customer HAS earned points, this information will appear with the total of points you have earned-the dollar value that is available for you to redeem and a box that you may click “Redeem Artist Points” if you wish to apply them to your current order.
  • If the customer doesn’t have enough earned points, the customer will see this box, but a message will appear to inform you that you don’t have the minimum points needed (500) to redeem.
  • Finally, after you have chosen to redeem the points you will see a line under the taxes on your sales order that states “value of redeemed artist points” and then your Total on the sales order will be reduced by that amount.