Cotisso (Glass Rocks from Effetre)

Last October 2010, my assistant and I went rock hunting at Effetre- Glass rocks that is.

Here is your chance to acquire some fantastic glass “specimens” for your artistic inspiration.

We are in love with our rocks, they are great in the window, on your work-table, where you wash dishes, on top of the TV or glued to the dashboard of your car. They add beauty anywhere you might place them.

We sorted through piles of glass rocks to pick the most wonderful examples for your pleasure and entertainment.

These beautiful chunks of glass (Effetre calls them Cotisso) are one-of-a-kind.
They vary in shape and size (and colors!) and can weigh between 1-2 pounds

We hope you enjoy these specimens as much as we do!

Mike Frantz

For more information on these rocks, click here to read Patty’s blog.