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New Colors

Avorio 5 colors by Effetre have arrived (5-12-15)

Five NEW Ivory’s (Avorio’s) and they have blended in other colors with the ivory for fantastic results!!


Avorio Lapis, Lt (591291)

Avorio Lapis, Med (591292)

Avorio Lapis Dk (591293)

Avorio Lapis Viola (591294)

Avorio Pervinca (591296)

Amazing Avorio Assortment (599005)


 Joy Munshowers examples of all 5, she calls them “The Sisters”

 WE have some beads to share that showcase Effetre’s new Avorios

Specifically the Lapis Avorio’s. Our customer, Ernie Wagner, made these beads with two different tonalities which he melted together, introduced silver and created “silvered stringers”.

He thought, hey…these colors are “ivories” maybe they react? (and yes they do!!) He likes organic style beads.

Take a look at these beauties.

New Messy Color (2-10-15)

Shipment #1

Shipment #2 is HERE!

New Messy Ltd. Runs (10-8-14)

Messy Color

New Effetre (7-3-14)

New Tools 4-29-14

Frantz Art Glass is offering some cool tools for your lampworking needs.

Click on the item to read more.


9 New Messy (3-5-14)


Would you like to try 1 rod of each color of the New Messy Ltd Runs?

511000-14-FUN 4-07-14

511000-14-FUN 10 Rod Assortment

Restocks and New Colors (2-4-14)

Just in from Effetre

Just in from Messy Color

8 New Effetre (12-13-13)

5 New Effetre Colors (10-4-13)

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