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New Colors

9 New Messy (3-5-14)


Would you like to try 1 rod of each color of the New Messy Ltd Runs?

511000-14-FUN 4-07-14

511000-14-FUN 10 Rod Assortment

Restocks and New Colors (2-4-14)

Just in from Effetre

Just in from Messy Color

8 New Effetre (12-13-13)

5 New Effetre Colors (10-4-13)

12 New Messy Colors (9-9-13)

NEW Messy Colors (6-14-13)

New Effetre "Ivory" Colors (6-4-13)


10 New Messy Colors (3-8-13)

Effetre New Colors (1-29-13)

5 New colors from Effetre.

With this new Shipment, here are 3 new variations of classics.

New Messy Colors (1-9-13)

New Messy Colors (1-9-13)

Sprout Ltd Run (511411)Sprout Ltd Run (511411) Bloodstone Ltd Run (511110)Bloodstone Ltd Run (511110)

Laguna Ltd Run (511514)Laguna Ltd Run (511514)








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