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Effetre Restock 8-23-17

We just received a shipment from Messy Color. Here are the restocked colors. Chartreuse (511450) Majito (511482) French Blue (511505) Frost (511529) Aegeah (511534) Thai Orchid (511632) Gelly Sty (511904)
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Avorio 5 colors by Effetre have arrived (5-12-15)

Five NEW Ivory’s (Avorio’s) and they have blended in other colors with the ivory for fantastic results!!   Avorio Lapis, Lt (591291) Avorio Lapis, Med (591292) Avorio Lapis Dk (591293) Avorio Lapis Viola (591294) Avorio Pervinca (591296) Amazing Avorio Assortment (599005)    Joy Munshowers examples of all 5, she calls them “The Sisters”  WE have some beads to share that showcase Effetre’s new Avorios Specifically the Lapis Avorio’s. Our customer, Ernie Wagner, made these beads with two different tonalities which he melted together, introduced silver and created “silvered stringers”. He thought, hey…these colors are “ivories” maybe they react? (and yes they
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Avocado & Sage: Joy Munshower

Joy Munshower tested some glass for us and this is what she had to say. “Both the new Avocado and Sage Green were easy to work, creamy and flowed well. Very easy to tame and manipulate with tools and held detailing. Sage Green Pastel is a warmer tone with red-brown tonality. The new Avocado Green is cooler in tone than the previous handpulled Avocado batch of glass. It has a distinctive tan-gray-green cast to it. It was also creamy and easy to work and manipulate. It was very well behaved.”   “I have also included a threesome of horse beads showing
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