Frantz Art Glass recently received another shipment of “Odd” neutral colors from Vetrofond and they are:

These “Odd” neutral colors are a fabulous base color for working with many of those expensive silvered glass colors made by Double Helix, Trautman Art Glass and Precision 104.

Mauvelous with Psyche and rose quartz bumps Cream with Aurae and Sangre bumps
Bead made out of  Mauvelous and decorated with bumps of Psyche and Messy Rose Quartz Unique 511907-2. Bead made out of Cream with dots of Sangre and Aurae that are covered in Clear. Little bumps are Aurae.
Pale Pesto with Aurae bumps Biscotti with Sangre and Aurae bumps
Bumps of Aurae under Clear on a bead made out of Pale Pesto, showing a lovely soft green. Bead made out of Biscotti that shows the sepia fuming that generate from the Aurae used on top of the Sangre to make the bumps.

About two years ago, Effetre Dark Ivory – 591276 use to be the base color of choice when working with the fancy silvered glass colors. When I used Effetre Dark Ivory – 591276 with the silvered glass colors I would get heavy fuming with lots of black veining in it.  This is great if that is all you want out of the color combination’s, but for something more subtle, I find this new group of “Odd” neutrals to be a wonderful base glass.  The super cool thing that this group of Vetrofond neutral colors does is produce soft, subtle sepia colored fuming over the surface of the bead when a highly reactive silvered glass color is applied instead of the black veined fuming that develops on Effetre Dark Ivory.

There was another Vetrofond “Odd” color called Yellow Ice – 791947 that has been around for several years and gained an avid following as a base for working with the fancy silvered glass colors, but that supply has run out and can only be gotten from the Artist Points Store at Frantz Art Glass and Supply now and I think that this group of “Odd” neutrals from Vetrofond make a good alternative to this now unavailable glass color.

I have been looking through the bead forums and have really liked the color reactions I have seen other beadmakers are getting from these new Vetrofond “Odd” neutrals.  I see great fuchsia and pinks developing from using glass colors like “Fire Lotus” by TAG 104 over Cream – 791822.

Fire Lotus on Cream

Oval bead made out of Cream with Fire Lotus swirls.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a great 60% off sale going on this week on the Messy Color 511223 – Pumpkin and the available Pumpkin Uniques.  Pumpkin is a fabulous glass color for anyone who is doing holiday theme beads for the fall like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Check it out; it is a great time to stock up on this Messy Color.

Pumpkins by Genea Crivello-Knable

Group of pumpkin beads made out of the different shades of 511223 - Pumpkin.

511223 - Pumpkin 511223-6 Pumpkin Unique

Messy Color Pumpkin


Messy Color Unique Pumpkin511223-6
511223-5 Pumpkin Unique 511223-2 Pumpkin Unique
Messy Color Unique Pumpkin511223-5 Messy Color Unique Pumpkin511223-2