A new shipment of CiM/Messy Color glass has just arrived at Frantz Art Glass and there are loads of new unique colors and nine new special assortments.

There are 6 new unique colors and one new color that is a one-time production called Adobe – 511795.  The new unique colors are:

I was playing around with these new unique colors and I discovered that the Adamantium Unique (511874-1) is a smoky chocolate color that develops out of a medium gray looking glass rod – what a delightful surprise.

On top of all the new colors, Messy Color has assembled 9 special color group glass rod assortments for the lampworking community, they are:

The CiM Unique assortment is a very special offering of 26 rods that is selling for a reduced price of $19.99, which would normally sell for $40.00.  This assortment is intended to give beadmakers an opportunity to experience all these unique Messy Colors without breaking the bank.  I have found many really nice glass colors among the Messy uniques and I think you will also.


Two round beads made from new Messy Color "Adobe" by Dawn Tomlinson.


Lentil bead made with new Messy Color "Adobe" by Julie Fountain.