Frantz Art Glass is currently having a special sale on selected Vetrofond glass rod colors that I thought I should point out because the sale prices are so good.  The general selection of glass colors from all the different manufacturers is so huge, I think it is hard to know what to stock up on and I want to show some examples of what I made with the colors currently on sale at $1.99, $2.99, $3.99 and $9.99 a pound.

One color that is on sale is Translucent Yellow – #791910 and in my opinion, it is a fabulous but frequently ignored color.  Depending on how one uses it, Translucent Yellow can manifest really differently depending on what is next to or over it.   If one uses Double Helix Triton as a decoration over the Translucent Yellow and reduce it to silver, the yellow turns a beautiful banana yellow from the fuming properties of the highly silvered Triton glass.  If one encases Translucent Yellow, it turns a bright opaque yellow that is intensely primary.

I made one bead that is a large oval that spent plenty of time in the flame, that has both a goldstone stringer and a little bit of Triton swirled around the bead.   This combination manifested delicate sepia fuming over the Translucent Yellow that totally changed how the color looks.

Verto trans Yellow & Triton Vetro trans Yellow & Red encased Vetro Trans Yellow-goldstone & Triton
Oval bead made of Translucent Yellow with Triton feathering. Encased bead with a core of Translucent Yellow. Large oval bead made with Translucent Yellow, Goldstone and Triton.

Another transparent color I think is really nice and useful is Pink – #791068. This color works well as both as a transparent and etched and is incredibly inexpensive at $1.99 a pound.  I think this pink looks especially delicious when it is etched, but I really like it as an encasement over a scrap of dichroic glass.

Pale Pink & dichroic Vetro Pink trans & hades-Cirrus ribbon
Tabular bead made with Transparent Pink  – #791068 with a silver dichroic wrap in core and dot decorations. Oval bead made with Transparent Pink – #791068, decorated with ribbon cane and etched.

From this sale, there are three premium colors that I worked with and really like.

The first color is Flower Pink – #791255 which is a lovely pastel pink that doesn’t devitrify when it is melted in the flame.  Several of the pinks from Effetre have a tendency to devitrify and I found Flower Pink to be a lot easier to use because it doesn’t devitrify.  Another aspect of this Vetrofond pink is the color shift to a lavender/pink it does when placed next to certain colors.  When Flower Pink is placed in a mostly pink tonality group, it manifests as a sweet medium pink that looks lovely when covered in roses.

Rose bead out of Flower Pink Green Tea & Flower Pink
Tabular bead made with Flower Pink and decorated with roses and goldstone ribbon cane. Tabular bead made with Flower Pink and Green Tea, decorated with swirled goldstone ribbon cane.

Seashell Swirl – #791955 is translucent pinky beiges in rod form, but turns into a nice opaque pink that is different than Flower Pink, but equally delightful to use in the flame.

The third color I want to talk about is Tomato Soup – #791804 that came out when Vetrofond made a huge bunch of “Odd Colors”, many of which were wildly variegated orange based colors.

Tomato Soup turned out to be a hoot to make beads out of and even the simplest bead designs pop when using this color.  The short bicone bead I made with the Cornflower strip around the middle showcases the lively variegation that emerges when you melt a rod of Tomato Soup and make a bead.

The second bead made with Tomato Soup has been paired with Double Helix “Triton” and produced interesting, rich oranges in the Tomato Soup because of the fuming properties of Triton.

Tomato Soup-cornflower bicone Tomato Soup-Triton-Cornflower
Short bicone bead made with Tomato Soup with a Cornflower strip. Tabular bead made with Tomato Soup and decorated with Triton swirls and Cornflower.

Have fun and take the opportunity to stock up on these great colors!