I have been experimenting for a while with using some of the denser Messy Color/CiM transparents as shards over clear beads to create brighter, lighter versions of these beautiful colors.

The colors that I think fall into this category are:


Sangre was the first Messy Color transparent that I really worked a lot with in this manner because it is such a beautiful Christmas Red.  If I tried to make a solid Sangre core for a bead base, it would come out looking almost black because there is so much pigment in the glass, which was not the look I was going for.


Blowing shards of Sangre and placing them over a clear core produces eye popping bright red beads that glow when light hits them.  They look so good that I want to eat them.

If you are interested in producing a controlled design out of these very dense transparent colors, you can produce a very thin ribbon cane out of one of these colors and lay it down over a white base.

To make a ribbon cane, I make a wide end punty out of clear glass and put three or four 1 ½ inch rod pieces of what ever color I want and heat and mash the rod pieces into a glass wafer/rectangle, making sure to flatten out all the dips between the rods.  I then put a punty on the other end of the wafer and heat it to the point that I can pull out a 2 foot ribbon cane.


If you have never tried to use these transparent colors as shards or ribbon cane, you should give it a shot and see what you come up with.