There are a number of gorgeous glass colors made by Effetre that have an annoying tendency to devitrify while you are working them in a torch flame.  I had been plagued with this problem for years and was so frustrated by it that I avoided using any of the devitrifying colors.

The colors that I had the most problems with were:

  • 591254 – Effetre Purple Premium Opaque Pastel ( nicknamed EDP – evil devitrifying purple)
  • 591256 – Effetre Dark Pink Premium Opaque Pastel
  • 591257 – Effetre Sedona Premium Opaque Pastel
  • 591267 – Effetre Calico Premium Opaque Pastel

Devitrification is when a glass color undergoes a change in texture from glassy to crystalline on the surface of a bead or other glass object while being heated in a torch flame.

Devitrification can be a challenging occurrence and of course it happens with some of the most popular opaque colors, but not to worry because there is a simple solution to the problem.  I have asked lots of beadmakers if they knew an easy fix to this problem and one friend of mine Sue Stewart, told me the best solution I have learned and tested to date.

To make the devitrification go away on your bead surface, all you have to do is take some of the oxygen out of your torch flame, making the center candle of your torch flame a little longer than the outer ring of the torch flame.

This simple adjustment keeps the surface of the bead looking glassy instead of chalky whitish-gray.  Every torch is slightly different, so it is wise to play around with the length of the center candle of your torch flame until you achieve the desired results.

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