Do you make stringers of Messy Colors?

In spring 2010, CiM began producing stringers of some of their more popular colors that would translate well to smaller diameters.

Stringers have been traditionally sold in 2-3 mm diameters and CiM originally produced in this size. However, in a recent poll, their testing team expressed an overwhelming preference for the 1-2 mm size, which I totally agree with and urged that that size stringer be the standard. So CiM is phasing out the 2-3 mm diameter in preference for the 1-2 mm.

Messy Clear will continue to be available in both the 1-2 mm and 2-3 mm sizes.

CiM rod sizes

CiM has the stringers packaged as carefully as possible to prevent breakage. Each quarter pound bundle is wrapped carefully in tissue paper and tagged. They do not tag the stringers themselves as they found this caused breakage.

They are committed, as part of their mission, to maintaining adequate inventory of all Messy Colors so that artists have access to consistent colors whenever they need them. As part of this mission, in the long term future, they plan to offer adequate inventory of stringers in Hades (intense black), Tuxedo (regular black), Peace (opaque white), and Clear. [Please note that they have only produced Clear & Peace as of June 2010.]

CiM introduced stringers in a variety of other Messy Colors to test the marketplace beyond the aforementioned colors. The 1-2 mm size is more difficult to pull and the prices are higher than 4-7 mm rod accordingly. They plan to gauge the response from the marketplace in order to determine if any stringers (other than Hades, Tuxedo, Peace, and Clear) will become a permanent part of the Messy Color line.

As this is an experiment, they are not sure which colors or how much quantity will be available at any given time. Frantz Art Glass has the most complete selection available. I encourage you to browse the stringer section of the Frantz’s site to see what colors are currently available.

If you would like to know if stringers are available in any given color, simply look at the paddle image for size availability. If a size is listed, then the color is available in 4-7 mm and the listed size. For example, Messy Olive, as shown here, is available in 1-2 mm as indicated as well as 4-7 mm.

Olive (511476)

If there are no sizes on the paddle, then it is available in 4-7 mm only.