There has been an avalanche of new colors arriving at Frantz Art Glass this past week.

A shipment of CiM/Messy Color glass came in and there are six unique colors in it and several of them made me sit up and take notice.

For all those flameworkers out there who bemoan the absences of the handpulled color from Moretti/Effetre called “Dark Teal”, rejoice!  Dark Teal has not been available for some time now, but one of the new CiM Unique “Great Bluedini” colors is a dead ringer for the long lost Dark Teal.  I did a bunch of testing to make sure that the Unique Great Bluedini #511590-2 was in fact a dark teal and I think the bead post here really shows that it is.  Half the bead is decorated with a stringer of the old Moretti “Dark Teal” and the other half is decorated with the #511590-2 Unique “Great Bluedini .  When I pulled the bead out of the kiln, I said to my self “Wow this really IS Dark Teal!!

Comparison Dark Teal Paddle and Unique Great Bluedini Paddle.

Comparison Dark Teal paddle and Unique Great Bluedini paddle.

Old Dk Teal and Unique 511590-2

Bead made with half in Bluedini 511590-2 and old Dark Teal.

If you are really fond of Dark Teal, you should stock up on this Unique Great Bluedini #511590-2 because it is a unique and may not happen again.

There are two different Unique Great Bluedinis and I love the #511590-1 from this shipment.  It is bluer than regular Great Bluedini and beautiful in its transparent blueness.  I made a bead of the #511590-1 and decorated it with a couple Double Helix murrini and some Aurae stringer, I really like this blue.  I also made a simpler bead out of the 511590-1 to show the color by itself.

511590-1 Unique Bluedini with DH murrini

Tabular bead made with unique 511590-1 with Double Helix murrini and Aurae Squiggle.

Bluedini 511590-1 with Mermaid and goldstone swirls

Bead made with unique 511590-1 with Mermaid and goldstone swirls.

There are four other unique colors that came in with the Unique Bluedinis that I haven’t had time to make an example with, but they look promising to me and I will get back to you on those colors when I do.

  • Unique Commando – 511475 -1
  • Unique Plum – 511658 -2
  • Unique Plum – 511658-3
  • Unique Desert Pink – 511957 -1

If you like your glass in stringer size and haven’t tried any of the CiM handpulled 1-2mm stringers, you should check them out.  CiM is adding more colors to their available stringer selection and there are Dirty Martini stringers in this last shipment that included all the unique colors I listed above.

Bluedini - 511590-1

Clear bead encased with unique 511590-1 and a Cirrus swirl.

Bluedini - 511590-2

Clear bead encased with unique 511590-2