In one of my blogs back in early November, I talked about goldstone / aventurine and discussed how it is made and all the different sizes of frit and chunks we have available at Frantz Art Glass and Supply.  In this blog, I am going to talk about a couple of new products we got last week from a glass artist friend that we work with from Murano.

I was really excited to see that our Italian glass friend not only made us a new supply of goldstone ribbon cane, he took it a little farther and made a batch of blue goldstone ribbon cane!!! Not only that, he made 2mm goldstone handpulled stringers that are not diluted with clear glass which makes them very dense in sparkle and color.

541325 – Blue Aventurine Ribbon 541434 – Goldstone Stringer 541225 Goldstone Ribbon

If you don’t feel like wrestling with big chunks of goldstone to make bright stringer or ribbon cane, these goldstone / aventurine products are the ticket.  I worked with these new offerings from Murano and I found them easy to use with plenty of sparkle.

Blue aventurine ribbon over CiM  “Peace”. Blue and gold pieces of ribbon cane used as design.

It is rare to see any blue aventurine / goldstone products available anywhere, so I was very pleased to have the blue goldstone ribbon cane to work with.  I made some beads with it to check out the density of the ribbon cane and found it every nice to work with.

570922-20 – Rare Green Aventurine Chunks 590920-00 – Blue Aventurine Chunks

The 2 mm goldstone stringers are really nice for anyone interested in using goldstone as a raised design accent. The goldstone stringer is good for any design work inside a bead or on the surface.

Dichroic bead using stringer as raised design. Dichroic bead using stringer as raised design.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to make stringer out of the blue aventurine / goldstone or green aventurine / goldstone, Frantz Art Glass just happens to have these two colors in chunk size.  I am sorry to say that we just ran out of the 570922-20 green aventurine, but still have the 590920-00 blue aventurine.

I have always had a soft spot for the different aventurine / goldstone products and I hope I have provide a little more information to help you experience this unique glass.

Goldstone Ribbon over CiM Ming.

Tabular bead of CiM Ming with goldstone ribbon decoration.

Patchwork dichroic

Patchwork dichroic bead with goldstone stringer between colors.