Effetre has been working overtime these days and has created eight new colors for the lampworking market.  There are some interesting new colors in this batch that I have never seen before and I think they are great additions to the current color palette. Here are Eight New Colors from Effetre!

Their names are:

There is a pastel milk chocolate brown called “Choco-lotta” that is the first milk chocolate brown I think I have ever seen.  The other milk chocolate brown that is in this group is called “Oliva Nera” (black olive) and it is transparent!

Choco-lotta No. 591727

Tabular bead made of Choco-lotta that shows off the marvelous milk chocolate color.

Oliva Nera used as a stringer decoration over Messy "Peace".

Oliva Nera used as a stringer decoration over Messy "Peace".

If that wasn’t enough, there is a new pastel teal-green called “Neptune that is like nothing I have ever seen before.  In rod form, this color is a dusty dark teal that manifests a rough gunmetal silver luster as it is melted and shaped.  If you put clear over this color (even if the surface is lustered) it will turn an intense deep teal which is very striking next to the rough silver luster.  I think this one is very interesting and I am excited to see what other beadmakers will do with it.

Neptune No. 591230

This bead show the complex nature of this marvelous new color.

Green Mint No. 591217

Tabular bead made of Green Mint No. 591217

There next color of note is “Verde Rosetta” which is a dark green transparent that turns bright green when used as a stringer over white.  I can’t wait to see what this color will do in combination with other glass colors.

The last new green color of this group is called “Green Mint Pastel” and is a pale green that can develop a soft dusty luster over the surface in certain torch atmospheres.  I thought it might end up looking like Copper Green, but it is definitely a new shade of pale pastel green.

The last three colors are Light Zucca (Zucca means pumpkin in Italian), Dark Zucca and Apple Blush.  I love all three of these colors and had a lot of fun working with them.  Check out the beads I have posted in the blog that I made out of these colors.

Lt Zucca with SIS shards

Bead Made of Lt. Zucca with SIS shards for decoration.

Zucca Dk

Bead of Dark Zacca with Metallic Black shard decorations.



There is also a limited edition of a Double Helix color called “Ox” – 375 that is a lustering pale green transparent which is a lovely addition to the already fabulous palette that is produced by Double Helix.

Giallo Ocra and Blk metallic shards

Bead made with Apple Blush and Black Metallic shards.

Bead decorated with a stringer of Verde Rosetta.

Bead decorated with a stringer of Verde Rosetta.


Paddle made of OX-375 with swirled luster pattern.

Ox bumps on Messy Olive

Melon bead made of Messy "Olive and decorated with bumps of OX-375.