Frantz Art Glass & Supply carries a large selection of 104 C.O.E. sheet glass. This glass is made from the same glass as the rods created by Effetre / Moretti.  To me this is a huge area of possibilities for letting your creative energies run wild.

When I started using Effetre glass rods 27 years ago, the company was still call Moretti and they had never made sheet glass at their factory because there was no interest in artist sheet glass in Italy.  This fact didn’t stop me from laying a bunch of rods together and fusing them into a sheet.  This method produces a 3/8 inch thick sheet, but the colors were so wonderful that I didn’t care.  Effetre has only produced sheet glass for the last 15 years, but what a difference the thinner sheets make when you are fusing a multi layered project.

Effetre sheet glass ranges from 2 mm to 4 mm in thickness.   The 2 mm sheets are specifically made in black and clear, to be used for creating dichroic colors.  The dichroic sheets are made thin to make it easier to use a dichroic strip, which are manufactured in-house by Frantz Art Glass.  The dichroic strips are annealed to make the strips easier to place in and out of the torch flame without shocking and it also makes it easier to see which side the dichroic coating is on.

521946 Blue_White_Goldstone

Out of the 45 colors of sheet glass made by Effetre, there are 4 colors that have goldstone running through the base colors

551675 Corksrew dichroic strips

Strips of a dichroic color call "Corksrew".

One of my favorite things to do using sheet glass is to combine lampworked elements with sheet glass and tack-fuse them together with kiln heat.  There is a slight learning curve to this technique, but it can yield some amazing results.

Frantz Art Glass has around 45 different colors of Effetre sheet glass and this does not include the 25 different dichroic colors and patterns that are available in ¼”, ½” and 1 inch wide strips.  All the different sheet glass colors can be purchased in ¼, ½ or full sheets, depending on what you need.

Fused Murrini Heart Pin

Fused heart pin made with murrini melted into a sheet of clear glass.

Squid Pin - P Frantz

Example of a lampworked squid that was tack fused onto a piece of blue sheet glass.