Happy New Year everyone!!!  There are two new colors from CiM that just arrived this week and they are both new blues.  One is “Zachary” 511589 and the other is calledGreat Bluedini” 511590.

Zachary is what some people call baby blue, but it can also be called a very pale periwinkle.  When you compare regular Periwinkle with Zachary, Zachary is 50% lighter than Periwinkle.  I like the results I got by pairing Zachary with Cranberry Pink (used in the form of a rose cane), with a little goldstone ribbon thrown in the mix for some flash.

The Great Bluedini kind of looks like a transparent version of Mermaid and could be describe as a rich dense blue-green.  In fact when you pair Great Bluedini with Mermaid, it makes both colors pop.  I made a white heart out of Great Bluedini and decorated it with roses out of Cranberry Pink and some goldstone ribbon, with good results.

To see how Great Bluedini worked as a core color, I made a dichroic covered heart pendant with a core of Great Bluedini and I really like how it came out.  I tried several more beads out of Zachary and Great Bluedini to show how these colors look in different arrangements and you can view them below.