I am a die hard dichroic fan, but I had not paid much attention to the CBS Dichroic on Copper Sheet because at first I couldn’t get my head around it.  When I first saw some dichroic on copper sheet, it was Silver and it just didn’t catch my attention.  Recently I was shown a dichroic on copper sheet that was a pattern called “Mixture” that has soft blues and pinks in it as well as silver and I said to myself – WOW, this stuff is really neat looking.  I had a sheet that had been slightly broken up and the bag was full of cool looking dichroic bit-shards.  The dichroic shards really got me motivated to make some beads with it and I really like the results.


You have to be careful when you open the bag of Dichroic on Copper and have a sheet of paper under the bag to catch any shards that might flake off.  I put the dichroic shards that I had on a graphite pad that I use for rolling up shards on to beads and it works really well.

The dichroic on copper sheet was designed to provide dichroic that can be put on any glass, so you don’t have the problem of matching the glass you are using with what ever the dichroic is coated on.  Another great thing about the dichroic on copper is the fact that the dichroic layer on the copper is 3 times thicker than any other way that dichroic is normally applied.  The thicker coating makes the dichroic much more durable and less likely to burn to that gray scum that everyone hates.

The copper sheets also allow the artist to cut patterns or strips of dichroic in the sheet and roll the dichroic right up off the copper onto a hot bead or other lampworked form.

CBS (Coatings by Sandberg) has a good instructional video posted on the web that is good to watch and it provides some great working points that help in using this product.  If you have never seen dichroic on copper used, I recommend watching this short educational video on the Sandberg website.

In case you are wondering what to do with the sheet of copper once you have used all the dichroic, the copper is of a thickness and quality that it can be used to apply cut out patterns of copper on to a bead.  I have seen some stunning examples of this technique and highly recommend giving it a try.