There are a lot of different ways to deal with encasing a glass bead.  If you are new to lampworking, to encase a glass bead means to apply a medium to thick layer of a transparent glass over a bead core to enhance the design or protect a color reaction.

Frequently beadmakers are on a difficult quest to find the perfect clear to encase their beads, but there are many alternatives to using clear.  There are a number of very pale transparent glass colors that work extremely well for encasing a glass bead.

I have spoken to many beadmakers that like to use pale transparent colors for encasing because these glass rods don’t seem to have as many clarity issues like scumming or tiny bubbles and scratches that come with working in clear glass.

I like to use the pale transparent glass colors as a color enhancing tool.  I frequently encase my patchwork dichroic beads with a pale transparent to unify all the sparkling dichroic colors and tone them down just a little.  Using a pale transparent glass encasement over a simpler core design can be very powerful and enhance the over all look of the glass bead.