Why do people love a piece of art. I’m talking about any kind of art; music, painting, lampwork jewelry and so on. It’s because they are able to relate to it on some level. By the end of the article I’ll explain why it’s important to know this and how to use it to your advantage. This works for any kind of artist trying to get attention, build a fan base and help sales.

I want you to take a look at this image.

It’s titled “A Moment”

"A Moment" - copyright to Phil Hansen

"A Moment" - copyright to Phil Hansen

Stop and take note on how you feel about this picture.

I went to high school with the guy who made this, his name is Phil Hansen.  Phil has successfully created a huge fan base all over the world with pieces of art like this.

How did he do it? Other than creating amazing artwork he was able to enhance it by adding context to the piece. He didn’t just make it and say “There it is”, he told the story behind it and showed how he did it.

Take a second and think about how you felt about this image.

Now watch this video.

After watching the video I’m sure you feel differently. By producing this video he added a lot of context. He showed the technical side and the emotional side which transformed it from just being an interesting image to a piece of art. Context adds an emotional hook.

I suggest going to his website, www.PhilInTheCircle.com and look him up on youtube.com. These are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

The more people know about an artist and their art, the more they feel connected to it. You can easily do this by adding context. You don’t have to produce videos like this to do it. You can start a blog and post pictures and articles. If you’re selling pendants, ear rings, necklaces or anything don’t only describe what it is, by why you did it.

To sum it all up: if something has a story, tell it. Stories  help create emotional connections.